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3 billions in 14 months!

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Not enough? In just under 10 14 months, sales have surpassed the $2 3 billions milestone for GIF Select, featuring IncomePlus, Canada’s first Guaranteed Minimum Withdrawal Benefit (GMWB) product. And Manulife wants more. Manulife Investments has enhanced the benefits of GIF Select featuring IncomePlus. Beginning December 31st, 2007 the following enhancements will be available with no fee increase and no action required on your part:

  • Guaranteed Income for Life – Beginning after December 31st of the year you turn age 65, you can benefit from guaranteed income for life* with the new Lifetime Withdrawal Amount.
  • Increased Bonus Period – Guaranteed income can increase each year you don’t make a withdrawal, regardless of market conditions, for the first 15 years after purchase.
  • More Reset Opportunities – The number of resets are now available until contract maturity. Every three years, resets can lock-in market gains, potentially increasing the guaranteed amount payable.
  • Increased Maximum Deposit Age – The latest age to deposit to IncomePlus has been extended from age 75 to age 80.
  • New Fund Options Available on October 22, 2007 – New fund additions and fund name changes will be implemented effective October 22, 2007.

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