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Why Jim Cramer loves Canada?

cramerRecently the « MadMoney » host Jim Cramer himself, wrote few words about our economy… Well, this tune sounds sweet to my ears: «  There’s a right way and a wrong way to run an economy, and the conservatives have the right way. Except they aren’t our conservatives. If you want to look at the right way to create wealth, create jobs and create prosperity, you just have to look north, to Canada. The Canadians just put through some terrific personal and business tax cuts guaranteed to make their economy even more robust. At the same time, the government is running a surplus. No wonder the Loony has increased from 66 cents, where it was when I visited Canada four years ago, to the current 90 cents. And it is going higher. Of course, the tax relief comes at a time when the Canadians can afford it; we can’t, but we do it anyway, which is why the U.S. dollar goes down regularly. For ages I have been recommending Canadian banks as a way to play this multi-year trend. But for retail investors, the best way is with the iShares Canada (EWC:Amex) , which has a nice smattering of financial and resource-based stocks that will benefit. If I could choose only two stocks, though, I would invest in Manulife Financial (MFC:NYSE) and Royal Bank (RY:NYSE) as plays on the increasing standard of living and wealth. Suncor’s (SU:NYSE) the best oil if you insist on that play. Many, many markets are better than ours here in the U.S. Few have the kind of trustworthiness and respect that Canada deserves. I would take some down. Today. For more Cramer’s stuff


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