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USA’s new currency: Liberty Dollar!

money1.jpgGold and silver money is back in use by a growing group of concerned Americans. Maybe some were tired to see the constant devaluation of there Washington’s bills. Some americans, started to use a competive dollar: The Liberty. Silver and Gold coins are back!… On the web site, we can read: « …Most Americans don’t realize the depth of America’s current monetary crisis, and those who do don’t stop using money in protest…

 …Most people just shrug their shoulders instead. As the old saying goes, « you can’t fight city hall. » … » To resume the principle, the founder explains by a similar story: The Fedex company vs US Postal Service.<img src= » &raquo; width= »145″ hspace= »2″ height= »201″ border= »1″ align= »right » alt= »liberty » … »Bernard von NotHaus, the Monetary Architect for the Liberty Dollar, explains that for years America was saddled with a slow, unresponsive Postal Service. Then one day, against all the odds, FedEx brought competition to the heavily subsidized government agency that no one thought could ever change. To the surprise of many, the Postal Service responded and improved service noticeably. The Liberty Dollar emulates this model. It is a better currency that competes in the marketplace with US dollar. Liberty Dollar silver certificates fit in the cash register and function on a 1-to-1 basis with the US dollars so they are easy for businesses to use. The new currency is available in the same convenient denominations: $1, $5, $10 and $20 in silver plus a $1000 gold certificate…. » Sounds good… ’til FBI agents raided the Liberty Dollar Office in Evansville. Tilt!


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  music wrote @

very interesting.
i’m adding in RSS Reader

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